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Sifu Alan

Sifu Alan first started learning Wing Chun at the age of 13, at the Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy. At the age of 18 he was promoted to an instructor and regularly taught classes at the center.

During his time there, he was involved in many demonstrations. He was also the instructor who ran a youth project within a primary school, teaching Wing Chun to kids with special needs in order to help overcome bullying. The project was featured in an article for the ‘Daily Mirror’ magazine.

In 2003, Sifu Alan met Sifu Garry McKenzie of The Wing Chun School. From there, he started training at the school and privately. As part of The Wing Chun School, he was promoted to an instructor to assist in the HQ, the same place where he trained with the other students.

Sifu Alan has been taught the complete Wing Chun System. He has also completed all four gradings of the core syllabus.

In 2005, with the school, he went to the 2nd World Wing Chun Conference where Sifu Alan assisted in demonstrations. He was fortunate enough to meet his Si Gung or Grandmaster Ip Ching, as well as other Grand Masters like, Ip Chun. Wan Kam Leung and Tsui Seung Tin. He has also been to the Norway branch to assist in seminars.

Sifu Alan is also a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (TCM). TCM is a holistic method of healing using Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Sifu Alan

Sifu Alan Singhavara

Runs The Wing Chun School Clapham


Si Hing

Si Hing Jack

Si Hing Jack started martial arts when he was 11 for fitness and self-defence. In his early teens, he briefly studied Ichichun Kung Fu and Shaolin Kung Fu. When he was 20 he began training with Master Philip Moonsam under his unique mixed defence and fitness system called KFSD MA 7. During that time he earned his black belt first stage in the system and also assisted in instructing. This style has been a good foundation and influence in his martial arts development.

At the age of 24 he began practising Wing Chun with Sifu Alan Singhavara. Jack was always interested in Wing Chun because of the effectiveness and touch reflexes of the style. He enjoys the hands on and practical approach of Wing Chun. It has helped further develop his reflexes and sensitivity to react, attack and defend in one continuous action.

Jack practises martial arts in general, not only for fighting, but also for self-development and self-cultivation. Jack enjoys practising Wing Chun because it enables him to have a better understanding of his abilities and oneself.
“Martial Arts and practising Wing Chun will always be a necessity in my life, as it helps me cultivate self-control, self-preservation, discipline, confidence and peace”


Si Hing

Si Hing Marlon

I first began training Wing Chun as a teenager. Though I was attracted to the logic and directness of the system I was unable to maintain my training alongside my academic studies.
I later returned to Wing Chun and have trained under SiFu Alan within the Wing Chun school for over 7 years, and completed the 3rd grading. I have been captivated by the practicality and realism of Wing Chun as taught by the Wing Chun School and assist at the Clapham branch with adults and also now with SiFu Dawud’s children’s classes in Peckham.

Through my Wing Chun training I have gained a far deeper understanding of myself and what I am capable of. The directness and efficiency of the system have helped me to develop not only within the martial arts but as a person as well.

Having seen the positive impact Wing Chun has made for myself it is a pleasure to assist a skilled SiFu in teaching children. I feel fortunate to be able to help in passing on this art and the associated wisdom to young people and am sure the skills, discipline and diligence they learn will have a genuinely beneficial impact on them.


Si Hing

Si Hing Max

Max was first introduced to Wing Chun at the age of 16 by Sifu Alan Singhavara. Max focused mainly on fitness and sparring, learning the ropes of Martial Arts and combat.

In 2012 Max officially started learning Wing Chun under the tutelage of Sifu Alan and has continued since, earning his place as an Assistant Instructor at the Wing Chun School Clapham Branch.

Max has participated in several Wing Chun seminars, workshops, gathering, and open chi sao events. Max has gained valuable experience from many Wing Chun practitioners from around the world.

In 2017 Max completed all four gradings at The Wing Chun School, and completed the system a year after. Max now has his own Wing Chun School branch at Swiss Cottage, London.

”Not only is Wing Chun a combat system, there are principles which helps me go by my everyday tasks. The Art of Wing Chun can be very deep and it is fascinating, this is why I do Wing Chun.”