The Wing Chun Kung-Fu School of Clapham

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Trial Lesson

‘Trial Introduction Lesson’

The introduction lesson allows you to participate in the class and make an informed decision about joining.  The instructor will be available on that day to answer any questions that you may have.

Members of the school all pay a monthly tuition fee, however, if you would like to trial the class, you are welcome to with a pre-confirmed session.

The Trial session fee is £10 and is held on the Tuesday’s class.

All introductory lessons need to be booked in advance, please do not just turn up at the start of the lesson. Simply use the contact form to request a lesson, we usually run these once or twice a month and will get back to you with the next available date.

Please note – Before asking any questions about the classes via the contact form.  First, please read our FAQ. The website contains much information about our school and how we run.

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