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What are the cost of your classes?

The website does not publish our class tuition fees nor do we send pricing information. Our preference, is to meet potential students in person. Our classes are run different to gym memberships who’s interests are more on a commercial level. Learning an Art form and going to the gym are two different things. This is our approach and in order to find out if Wing Chun or this school is right for you, your best assessment is by taking part. With this approach, you get a better idea if going forward is the right choice for you.  Very similar to when you first joined an academic school, you go and meet the teacher, get an idea of the school environment, then decide to join or not.

This is the reason why we offer a ‘trial introductory lesson’. You are allowed to participate in the class, meet the instructor, train with other students and ask any questions that you may have.  Pricing is given at the end of the class.  We apologise if this may seem like a strict process to those who simply want pricing.  However, the effort has to start from the onset.  Making that first step by taking part in a class.

The school consists of members who make a commitment (discipline), set time aside once a week to come to train and learn the art.  The aim is not to make the classes as large as possible.  More so, to focus on quality tuition.

Do you have a kids class?

Not at the moment.  If you are interested in having your kids take part and learning Wing Chun Kung Fu, then please register your interest using the contact form and we will contact you if and when the classes are ready.

What is the minimum age to start?

Usually, for the adults classes, we do not accept students younger than 18 years of age.  As a guideline, 18 is the minimum age required. This is also dependent on the physical constitution of the individual. It is best that you contact us to discuss this.

How many lessons per week?

At the moment, classes are only taught on Tuesdays.

When are your beginner’s classes?

We do not run separate classes for beginners.  The class combines students of all levels.  That way all standards can benefit from training with one another.  The more beginners learn from the advance from their experience, the more advance learn from the beginners by teaching and paying attention to their basics.  We are all there to learn from each other and grow.

How are the classes taught?

There is no standardised way of teaching.  This will vary, depending on the stage of learning for the students. However, to give you an idea, classes usually start with warm up exercises. This involves some fitness training such as push up, sit ups and stretches. Our school does emphasise a certain level of fitness. Learning Wing Chun is not all about techniques, nor is it about flashy movements. The body requires a certain level of conditioning to be able to make the techniques work. After, students train some of their Wing Chun techniques with a partner. The instructor will go round to each student to explain it’s application and demonstrate where necessary. Students often change partners regularly to benefit from the different types of energy. For example, some students are more faster, stronger, accurate.

How often can I train or should I train?

At present, classes are on Tuesday evenings. Learning Wing Chun or any form of Martial Arts requires discipline and commitment. At the beginning, once a week is sufficient. Classes can be quite intense, so you may find that once a week accompanied with home training, maybe sufficient to start with. Of course, the more frequent you train, the better it is for your progress.

Can I observe your class?

We do not allow observation during the class. If you would like to find out more about the classes, then consider the trial introductory lesson. All introductory lessons need to be booked in advance, please do not just turn up at the start of the lesson. Simply use the contact form to book a lesson, specify a date, and we will confirm your attendance via email.

Does Wing Chun involve any form of contact?

Wing Chun is a martial art and in essence, a combat system. Most martial arts involve some form of physical contact. For example, in Wing Chun, the training range is close and the main contact point, at the beginner’s level, is on the forearms. Over time, the muscle fibres and bones will strengthen and can withstand more endurance and impact. However, there is a process involved.  It takes time to condition our natural weapons. If you do not like some form of physical contact or conditioning, please evaluate whether Wing Chun is suitable for you.

What level of fitness is required in your classes?

Most forms of martial arts require some level of fitness in order to be proficient. At our school, we do occasionally warm up with physical exercises to build up our stamina and endurance. Students get an idea of the fitness levels required in the initial classes. If you are a little unfit, then you are there to train to become more fit. Martial arts is an excellent way to help you achieve this. The level of fitness during the class is aimed at keeping students at an optimal level. A more important question is, what level of fitness do you want to achieve and how much are you willing to put into it?

What should I wear to train?

Prior to becoming a full member, where the school uniform is necessary, general gym wear is suitable. For example, a t-shirt, jogging pants and trainers. We do not allow training in bear feet or socks.

I’ve done Wing Chun before, can you just teach me where I left off?

Not all Wing Chun is the same or is taught in the same way. Our policy is that no matter how long you have done Wing Chun before, you must start from the beginning. The philosophy of “emptying your cup” cannot be emphasised anymore stronger. However, because you have done Wing Chun before and with it’s familiarity, your progress is likely to be faster.

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