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About Us

The Wing Chun School Clapham is run by instructor Alan Singhavara, who is under the tutelage of Sifu Garry McKenzie, the head instructor of The Wing Chun School HQ, North London. Sifu Garry McKenzie is a direct student of Grandmaster Ip Ching.

Our system of Wing Chun is based on the Wing Chun taught by the Great Grandmaster Ip Man, thus our lineage. We are privileged to have the system passed down to the newer generations from one of his son’s, Grand Master Ip Ching.  We are one of the South London Wing Chun representive, of the HQ.

Our school aim is simple:

“To teach effective Wing Chun technique, therefore open-mindedness and research is needed. Up until more recent times the Wing Chun history has been given to us through the teaching of the late Grandmaster Ip Man. We now know that there are more branches of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system, however, being from the lineage of the Great Grand Master Ip Man, we respect the history given to us by him”.

In our school, we emphasise discipline and respect, without that mindset, learning and personal progression becomes limited.  Through this etiquette, students will enjoy what they do and become more motivated to also help one another.  The instructors are there to assist and teach by guiding you, not to intimidate or bully.

Everyone is there to improve themselves, that is the key goal.

Our school etiquette on Learning & Training:

First and foremost, with no discipline and respect, one cannot learn effectively. The standards of a school are built by the individuals learning and training within it. Knowledge is given by the instructor and given willingly. After all, it is an Art form that is being passed down. Students are taught how to, and to, respect one another. This is expressed by means of cultural gestures, ie how to pay respects. We must all remember that you are only as good as the person that helped trained you. No individual is self made. We do not encourage a selfish attitude in our school. Etiquette is not only a physical gesture, more so, it’s a way of thinking and conducting oneself. The Wing Chun school as a family in general, including all branches, plays great emphasis on this.

On the physical side, students are encouraged to train hard. Training hard means putting the physical effort in and more importantly understanding the Wing Chun Kung Fu system. Wing Chun is well known for being a scientific fighting system. More importantly, when you learn the system, it has to make sense to you. Ultimately, the more you train Wing Chun and the more you progress, the Art becomes a part of you.   It is not the other way round, you do not become a part of the Art. When Wing Chun becomes more than a set of techniques to you, you are then at your most optimum level to apply it.

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