The Wing Chun Kung-Fu School of Clapham

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The Wing Chun School Clapham

The Wing Chun School Clapham is a martial arts training school, based in London, Clapham.

Wing Chun is a complete fighting system that is direct in its application.  It uses scientific concepts and principles to govern techniques that can be applied for self defence.

The complete system is taught to those who are willing to put the time and effort into their individual development.  After all, that is what ‘Kung Fu’ means, time and effort to attain skill.

We encourage students whether they are male or female to train hard, but more importantly, at their own pace.  Classes are taught in such a way so that the students can understand what they are doing and why a technique is done in a certain way.  Using this approach, students are able to educate themselves and have a deeper understanding as to what they are doing, thus purpose.  We are a training school, instructors are there to help, students come to learn and express themselves through Wing Chun.

All classes are taught and supervised by qualified instructors.  Private lessons for individuals or small groups can be arranged subject to availability.

The Wing Chun Kung Fu System

The Wing Chun Kung Fu System is a very pragmatic and direct one. In terms of it’s curriculum, it comprises of three hand forms. Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Tze. A wooden dummy form and two weapons. The ‘Eight Chopping’ knives and Long Pole. The forms contain a wealth of knowledge about the system. However, Wing Chun is not just a method of applying techniques, more so, it’s a way of thinking, a way of expressing.

Chi sau or sticking hands is a very renowned method of training used within the Wing Chun System. It teaches the practitioner how to apply the energy of their Wing Chun and express the techniques that they have been taught.

Beyond the techniques and the drills that are used to refine them. Our school also trains students to be able to apply Wing Chun in a combative form. This gives students a deeper understanding on Wing Chun’s practicality.

When you bring all it’s concepts and principles, methods of training and forms together. You have a fascinating Art form that is enjoyable and practical to learn, thus Wing Chun Kuen.

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